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Gardeners Collection Gift set from Nutscene (Pack of4)

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Black/ Natural Offering The iconic Tin of Twine Blacktwist- and two refill spools, 1 black one natural , in 3ply Jute twine- 150 mts. Natural Raffia hank, containing approximately 90 strands of metre lengths. Strands of 1 metre in length. Cotton Gloves, set of 4 wooden plant labels , Small pencil for marking out. 1 Pair of flower snip scissors.

Red/Green Offering The Iconic Tin of Twine-Greentwist with two refills , 1 Red, 1 Green, 3ply Jute 150 mts Red or Green hank of Raffia Cotton Gloves, set of 4 wooden plant labels, Small pencil. Cotton Gloves. 1 Pair of Flower snips. Box dimensions- 200 x 90 x 335  A great gift at a great price.

RRP £30.00

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