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Mini Twines in gift pack- 8 Twines heritage spools Packed 12 sets

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wine Gift Set  -  Nutscene Mini Twines collection.

The ideal present or stocking filler for twine lovers.

The ultimate taster collection of quality Nutscene ® twines. This twine gift set is handy for use in the garden, hobbies or the kitchen.

A lovely twine gift set package of 8  mini twines, that we love to call "tiddlers" - includes a variety of Nutscene' 15 coloured twines.

A wee Nutscene Tiddler Spool is ideal for your pocket (and the Snippet Twine Dolly - our very own scissor-free pocket twine cutter).

This 3 ply jute twine is safe to compost and sourced from renewable resources.

Each spool contains 13 metres of quality 3 ply twines, hand spooled in our factory and hand wrapped

Colours may vary per  mini twines  box, no colour will be replicated in any pack.

12 sets per box